Strategy consulting for Arab Countries

Cultural knowledge is not enough

Lack of individual status and inadequate contact networks make it very difficult to enter the market and run projects.

Supporting business operations

Market entrance and the realisation and supervision of projects in foreign countries are not necessarily easy tasks. It becomes even more difficult if these have to be accomplished in countries where existing contact networks and status are of outstanding importance. Therefore, it is difficult for many companies to accomplish market entrance into the Arab world in order to implement and finalise projects to an acceptable quality. Yet, lack of cultural background and knowledge are only two of the problems. If local social status and an appropriate contact network are missing, most doors will stay closed.

The collaboration with a suitable partner helps to bypass this obstacle, or at least to reduce its impact. A suitable partner can be identified by demonstration of a corresponding background, in-depth knowledge, status, contact network, and the ability to be active on-site. Since Arab culture is very individual-orientated, status and relationship cannot be transferred (sufficiently) to third parties. Therefore, it is necessary for experts to lead on-site interactions. Consultancy is the first step towards the evaluation of threats and opportunities. It will create a starting point, but it is not sufficient to develop potential and achieve real-world success.

Regional upheavals and conflicts make it very difficult and especially risky to associate with former business connections; furthermore, many local investments and projects lie idle. In this situation it is crucial to work with partners that have regular on-site interactions and are informed about the current situation and emerging developments so that they can react effectively. This is essential for the foundation of foreign subsidiaries, for the composition of dealer networks, and for the acquisition and realisation of projects.

With experts on-site

Raise potential and achieve success

Benefiting from contact networks and regional expertise

We support you in opening up markets and renewing business connections with consultation or our active experts on-site. Our experts are geographically focused on Libya and the United Arab Emirates, but can also work for you in Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Arabic-speaking countries.

Our range of services includes: expert advice, arranging contacts, help with the selection of appropriate (trade) partners and subcontractors, interaction with public authorities, translation, contract prepearation and negotiation, cross-industry project management up to the approval stage, as well as the organisation and arrangement of meetings and events.


Sub-areas and individual issues

Approaches of solutions for individual issues

Cultural training

With cultural training we grant you an insight into Arab culture, value structure, history and the regional characteristics of business life. The training contains fundamental topics such as regional styles of living, legal system, political system, and social interaction; as well as the historic and cultural backgrounds, including regional characteristics. We provide you with an overview on the mindset and behaviour of potential business partners and employees.


We help you with the evaluation of potential business activity in individual countries regarding cultural, social and political risks. We analyse relevant cultural differences in the host country and point out potential problem areas and obstacles. As a result you obtain a risk assessment to assist in future planning.

Building up contact networks

Establishing the right contacts is a difficult task, especially if it is within a foreign cultural environment. We support you in finding the right contact people and building up required contact networks according to your planned venture. We help you with your search for trade partners, evaluation of subcontractors, selection of advisers and lawyers, as well as your contact with public authorities.

Contracts and tenders

Contract negotiations are a key issue in any kind of business activity. In foreign operations this is one of the greatest obstacles. Different legal systems and cultural idiosyncrasies can collide during negotiations and this can bring a premature closure to efforts. We consult you in advance and support you on-site with the pre- and main negotiations up to the signing of the contract. We act in the best interest of both parties and to achieve a fair balance. Additionally, we support you with the preparation and participation in private and government tenders. Our range of services includes translation and the selection of suitable advisers and lawyers.

Project management

In countries where cultural differences are significant and in regions that show social instablity, it is especially difficult to implement projects to an acceptable standard and within an adequate time frame. Problems often lead to poor results and to additional expenses because of repairs and duplication. We offer you support with preparation, management, and commissioning of projects. We negotiate with subcontractors, prepare and check offers, track logistics and payments, supervise works on-site and evaluate project milestones. We offer you cross-industry project management.

Event management

Business meetings and events are important elements of business activities and are especially relevant for entrance to new markets. We support your planning and implementation of events as meetings, conventions or symposia.

Our offer is aimed at companies that

  • Want to become active in Arab markets for the first time
  • Want to build up a trade network
  • Want to gain projects (for example, through tenders)

  • Need to complete existing projects
  • Have problems with subcontractors and government bodies
  • Want to be informed in advance about new markets

How can we support you?

We help you to identify pitfalls and obstacles