Relevant and Current

Address your target audience with relevant topics

Lectures open the door to profound conversations

Trade fairs, conferences, and events are among the most valuable occasions to converse with customers, investors, and other stakeholders. Specialist presentations, in particular, create an important incentive for potential attendees to participate in the events. It is possible to present current issues and approaches of one’s own company or to provide a broader insight into other markets, regions, or industries. Referring to current trends, issues, and events increases the relevance and sets the stage for the ensuing one-on-one conversations.

Specialist presentations

We offer prospective companies and organisations the possibility to call on our specialists to give presentations at their business occasions. We give lectures on the theoretical principles, specialist subjects, and current trends — in which we demonstrate and critically question approaches, concepts, and possibilities from practice and theory. Depending on the subject area, we can focus the lecture on particular regions, markets, industries, and target groups. At your request, we can also make your company or organisation the subject of the presentation.

Attract more attention

Besides consultations, analyses, and training courses, we also offer you the possibility to draw on our specialists’ knowledge for your events. In form of business lectures, we help you to give your target audience an insight into your selected issues.

Benefit from contact with our specialists on conferences, trade fairs, symposia, and other events for presentations to address investors, trade, or customers. Depending on your requirements, we can customise our presentations to specific objectives and to meet the needs of the target audience.


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