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Effective approaches have often already been identified

There is little on the market that is really new. Other companies have experienced many of the same developments and similar issues, even new trends have a background history andpioneers. Therefore, it makes no sense to explore the whole path to the goal by oneself. It is far more effective to trust specialists who already know all the steps. This way, not only will the desired goal be achieved, it will also be reached much faster.

Effective approaches to solutions have often already been identified, they only have to be developed and adopted. The more time spent on this, the more financial resources are needed for investment in the project, which in turn jeopardises success. That is why we offer you — in various ways – the knowledge required to give your project the best start, or we will support you with our expertise until you have reached your goal.

Organisation of companies & change management

Volatile economic and social conditions call existing organisational structures into question.

Consultation for marketing & distribution

Global competitors, fragmented target groups, new technologies, communication channels, and media can stretch companies and their employees to breaking point.

Strategy consulting for Arab countries

Lack of individual status and inadequate contact networks make it very difficult to enter the market and run projects.

Economy, taxation, law

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Executive coaching

Short-term objectives and incentive systems often lead to short-term executive behaviour, which impedes long-term success.

Integration training & language courses

Inadequate local and regional integration of employees can become an obstacle, since this can result in employees becoming demotivated or even changing their job.

Culturally compliant setup & management of foreign subsidiaries

The drive for new markets involves cultural risks that complicate the coordination of foreign subsidiaries – or even derail the process.
Always one step ahead with expertise

In our teams, we only work with experienced professionals who are fully committed to their subject areas. This is how we ensure that even the most recent trends and findings are critically evaluated before being incorporated into our range of services. In our consultations, coaching sessions, training programmes, presentations, and analyses you can directly benefit from this expertise. We can give you the support you need to deal with fundamental issues, in-depth analyses, or the identification and negotiation of business deals.

We offer you access to complex normative and strategic processes, support with structuring operative tasks, support and training for employees as well as attracting investors and customers. A comprehensive range of services that we can customise to your needs.


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