Success through Structure, Expertise, and Continuity

Efficies Consult combines the knowledge of experts into a unique range of services and competencies, which allows us to systematically support our clients on all levels of management and development for companies and organisations.

Our expertise comprises specialism in: normative management, such as consulting services designed to look at company culture and management styles; strategic issues, such as company organisation and the coordination of foreign subsidiaries; as well as operative issues, such as management of sales and marketing or how to solve conflicts situations. We help with reorganising companies or business units, tapping new target groups and markets, attracting investors and customers, as well as supporting and integrating individual employees.

We provide you with an insight into the fundamentals of your problem, commit specialised support, and give you an in-depth analysis of your business processes. We also help you with solving conflicts as well as with identifying and negotiating business deals.

Together we can do more

We help you in identifying pitfalls and obstacles

Make goals achievable

How we can help you

Consultation & Training

We consult you in regards to principles, approaches, and solutions to your issues and deliver targeted expertise.


Presentations for conferences, trade fairs, symposia, and other events provide your target audience with an insight of your projects.


With internal and external analyses we help you with identifying risks and opportunities at an early stage and provide you with the necessary input for your decision making process.

Networking & Sales

We support you in building contact networks of contacts, evaluating investments, as well as identifying and negotiating business deals.

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