Consultation & Training

Structured, motivated, solution-driven

Systematically develop required expertise

Particular situations require specific expertise

Lasting dissatisfaction with results, serious problems, special occasions, and the general wish for optimised business operations might be the trigger to consult external specialists. Particular situations often require an in-depth knowledge that employees would have to acquire through tremendous effort. Neither does the daily operative business leave time for such a task, nor would it be appropriate, because that knowledge becomes largely obsolete after solving the issues. External specialists are already focused on the particular issue and, in addition, bring neutrality to the process, which is especially useful in conflict situations.


We direct and support our clients towards success in their goals, tasks, and issues. Whether about fundamental issues, specific needs, or an in-depth evaluation — our specialists provide the necessary knowledge. We deliver consultation to all domains within an organisation: management, departments, teams, project groups, as well as individual employees. We can also show interested proprietors and shareholders relevant paths and possibilities. In this manner, we help our clients to determine their situation, define achievable objectives, select appropriate strategies, deduct measures and control their implementation. Furthermore, we encourage the ability to communicate, cooperate, and organise business and organisational units. Our consultation is independent, objective, competent, and confidential.


Our systematic coaching supports individual employees in determining personal and work-related goals and offers concepts and methods to make them achievable. Possible objectives range from the development of management competences, the enhancement of self- and conflict-management skills, and the handling of new tasks — from the integration of employees into a new working environment to the preparation of a secondment to another country. Our coaches work directly with the employees concerned, i.e. they use intensive training in the form of one-on-one conversations and individual measures. We identify strengths, — demonstrate how these can be developed — and help to understand and evaluate previous problems, as well as to settle perceived future issues. Our approach is to systematically introduce employees to situations and provide them with help during the process of practical application. In our coaching, we place great value on objective evaluations and close cooperation based on trust — since this is the only way to obtain measurable results.

Counselling / mediation

We support executive teams or individual employees in coping with conflict situations and initiating change processes in companies or organisations. The aim is to detect and evaluate the source of the conflict, as well as to develop approaches to solutions in order to implement these with the relevant or involved parties. In the process, we actively manage the discussion, control the progress, and make sure that unwanted phenomena are resolved or prevented. Our services range from guiding work groups to purposefully assigning mediators in single or group sessions. Our counselling focuses on resolving problematic issues — not working out decisions (for that matter, we offer consultations). Issues come from the working environment; dynamics of roles and relationships; collaboration between employees, teams, or business units, and from hot and cold conflicts.

Instruction / training

In instruction and training courses we familiarise groups of employees or permanent teams with specific topics and methods of operation. We help employees to strongly and, if possible, also to practically engage with the issues. In systematic training sessions we support employees in learning methods of operation and in establishing subject-related expertise. Our instruction sessions grant an insight into the theoretical principles or specific issues.
In workshops and seminars we interactively introduce work groups to a topic. The aim is to recognise and solve problems, to develop concepts and approaches, as well as to prepare and make decisions, so that follow-up measures may be defined.

Expertise is often not enough

We help you to develop suitable concepts, measures, and approaches to solutions in order to quickly achieve aims, efficiently master tasks and permanently solve issues and situations of conflict. We deliver the necessary expertise to you and support you in achieving the required competences.

You can both rely on our continuous support and access a wide range of individual measures. In various ways, we accompany you — either in individual steps or during the whole process of development up to the evaluation of achievements.


How can we support you?

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