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Reducing risks

Facilitate your market entry

Significantly improve chances of success

The main objective of most entrepreneurial activity is to successfully place business ideas, products, and services in the target markets. The path to that goal, however, is marked with numerous internal and external obstacles. Established companies with strong brands often have great difficulties to place products that are not part of their core range because trade and customers are resistant to accept them. Missing knowledge about the market, established competition, and unknown of customer structures makes it difficult to enter new markets. Potential customers rarely actively look for innovative products. Therefore, alternative solutions and workarounds need to be suppressed first. New companies have little sales expertise, few (if any) references, and a high internal risk of costs. They are forced to limit their expenses for marketing and distribution to a minimum. Furthermore, changing geographic, social, and political conditions may interfere with, or even eliminate existing sales channels. The right partners help to reduce risks and, therefore, significantly increase the chances of a successful market launch.

Procurement of commercial services / active marketing

We support our clients actively with the commercialisation of their products and services. The objective is the attraction of new customers and the support and development of existing accounts to key-accounts. Our acquisition is carried out in the areas of distribution, specialised trade companies, and business customers. This can include the identification and qualification of potential buyers, the establishment of contacts, business trips to customers or trade fairs as well as frequent services to acquired accounts. We evaluate the range of products and services offered to meet the needs of the target group and partners, and assess sales strategies, which are further refined during the acquisition process. We act either on a case-by-case basis as a trade agent (through establishing contact with the potential buyer and help both parties during the trade negotiations), or we work directly on behalf of our client as a sales representative (offering products and services) and deal with including all necessary negotiations.

Procurement of investments

We help companies and organisations to accomplish new projects faster by systematically finding investors. Our services include analysing concepts, ideas and business plans, to clarify the possibilities and risks of the investment opportunity; identifying, and if necessary, directly approaching potential investors as well as managing the contact up to the close of the contract (phone calls, meetings, etc.). We support our clients at home and abroad and we take a neutral position in negotiations so that the interests of all involved parties are recognised and preserved.

Establishing contact networks

Networking is not only a central factor of success for many sales organisations, but also the construction of specific contact networks can be the only activity to engage in a market. This is frequently the case in foreign markets. We support our clients in their search for suitable contacts, we help them to gather first impressions of new markets and make connections. We can also help with finding suitable investors, distribution companies etc. for their market entrance. We open doors to markets, create possibilities, and accompany our clients to meetings, relevant trade fairs, conferences and events.

Gaining investors and customers faster

The commercialisation of products and services is the central factor to the success of companies and organisations. Especially in a new environment this might become difficult, due to missing expertise in the market. This slows down market entry and therefore increases the risk.

We help you with the specific attraction of investors, trade companies, and customers; and support you in developing the necessary network of contacts. Our services range from basic networking, through case-by-case initialisation of business contacts, up to continual and structured acquisition of customers.


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