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Consideration of change processes

On the path to a successful company or organisation free of conflict, you have to deal with new issues and obstacles. It is, therefore, all the more important to recognise and overcome these as quickly as possible in order to keep the focus on the main purpose of the business activities.

Apart from a continuous analysis of the market environment and the internal organisational processes, special situations and occasions require organisational units, teams, or individual employees to frequently acquire new competences and expertise. Arising conflicts need to be identified and resolved in order not to interfere with the working environment. New innovations and possibilities of products and services enable entry to new markets and to address new target groups. This requires new competences and approaches in distribution.

Companies and organisation are continually changing. We help you in various ways – from consultation to training – to avoid risks, reduce weaknesses, increase strengths, and seize opportunities.

We support our clients with consultation, coaching, counselling (mediation), training, and instructions at all levels of business and organisational activities. Our services are aimed at proprietors or shareholders, management, departments, teams, project groups and individual employees. We consult in relation to fundamental issues, approaches, and solutions and also deliver expertise relevant to the issues.
Presentations for conferences, trade fairs, symposia and other events help with targeting investors, traders, or customers and set the stage for one-to-one conversations. Our specialists prepare and give presentations (or lectures) on current issues and trends and adapt them to the particular objectives and target audiences of our clients.
Both a sufficient evaluation of one’s own strengths and weaknesses and an analysis of changes and risks of target markets is the fundamental requirement to identify and expand competitive advantages and to resolve disadvantages. Therefore, we support our clients with generating the necessary database so that they can take informed decisions. We consult our clients in regards to the development of appropriate analysis toolkits or we can give support during the whole analysis process.
We systematically support attracting investors and customers, as well as with building distribution and trade networks. We support our clients as trade agents, establish networks of contacts both inland and abroad, systematically acquire new customers and develop them into key accounts. We make sure that business ideas, products, and services can be placed in the target markets more easily.
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Our specialists help you with the analysis of your company or organisation as well as the surrounding market; support you through consultation on your decision making process; give counselling to solve conflict situations; deliver coaching, training, presentations, and background and specialist knowledge — helping you with the development of required competences.

We make it easier for you to enter new markets by supporting you with establishing contact networks, finding investors, and actively contributing by attracting and developing customers. Our range of services relates to our capabilities: from change management to consultation for distribution and integration training for your employees.


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